See what our happy clients are saying about our work! Statistics show that over 66% of SEO and internet marketing testimonials are simply just made up or fabricated. Ours are 100% real.

Nathan Garnett has literally been a Godsend!!!
I have been disappointed for more than a decade by the offerings of
SEO providers who have boldly promised only to under deliver. Far to often, They have not known what they were doing. One on more than one occasion, they charged me exorbitant fees for paltry results.
Recently I had become so disillusioned by this industry that I had decided to forgo SEO marketing altogether thinking it was a waste of time and money. I am happy to report that Nathan has proven me wrong on this last count.
He conducts his business with integrity and communicates in an effective and easy manner. He has been a delight to work with and we have become fast friends. The results of his work have been astounding. 8 months in, we are dominating hundreds of search terms and locations. My analytics report a 60 % increase in traffic. My business is up roughly the same 60 % !!!!!!
A highly rated SEO firm had quoted me the same monthly fee and proposed to deliver 1 /100 the results. Seriously !
If you have been skeptical of SEO Marketing, don't be. It works. If you are in the market for an SEO guy, Nathan is your man. He blows away the competition and if you work with him, before too long so will you.

Michael RomanoMr. Test Prep: SAT, ACT, SAT2 and PSAT PREPARATION

We have been very satisfied with the website and online marketing services from Nathan Garnett's agency. The new Rakso Construction website they built captures our brand and projects well, with a professional design. More importantly, we have seen noticeable improvements in our local SEO rankings and website traffic since launching an SEO campaign for the site 6 months ago. We would recommend his services to other local companies looking to improve their online presence and visibility.

OscarOwner, Rakso Construction

Nathan Garnett and his team were an excellent choice for me. From the get-go, Nathan was not only professional and easy to communicate with, he also helped to inspire me to follow through and build what I needed for my business to show up well online. He knows much more than just website building and I plan to continue to seek his creative advice and marketing help as I look towards building a solid online presence in multiple online platforms. I'm very grateful for how the whole process has unfolded.

Zach TaylorLeadership Consultant, zachtaylorconsulting.com

Nathan and his team were extraordinary. They were kind and generous with their time, going over changes with me patiently and efficiently.
They are brilliantly creative and the site they put together for our organization was absolutely gorgeous. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone. You can ensure that the final result will be fabulous!

Beth SchumanExecutive Director, American Friends of Combatants for Peace

Great service, definitely improved my SEO immensely!

Jonathan BernardCEO and Founder of Kauai Rooftop Campers

Working with Nathan Garnett on my company's website, taptamarg.com
was a joy. The team was timely and professional, and hit the perfect balance of taking direction and making proactive suggestions.
The process was truly collaborative, and the result was a site that perfectly encapsulated our brand vision.
I doubt that you will find a design, programming, and implementation team that's this responsive and affordable anywhere.

Josh SchreiCEO and Founder, Tapta Marg Productions

I recently hired Nathan's team to re-design my company web site, create a marketing video for my business, and to make sure that my site was completely SEO optimized so that I would rank higher in google searches. We just completed the project and I am thrilled with the results.
Nathan didn't just throw together a site for me. He helped me from start to finish to really develop a concept and understanding of my brand, and my market. I had never really wrapped my brain around marketing before... so it wa§ an incredible learning lesson.
In the end I had a brand I was truly proud of and that actually represented the culture and products of my company. I have a web site that I believe is better than any of my local competition in the area, and with the SEO optimization I believe in time I will rank higher than much of my competition for a lot of important keywords in my industry.
Nathan was prompt and timely with every task. The entire project moved ahead of schedule, and if ever there were delays they were on my end in being slow providing content etc. He was good at moving the project along and helping to keep me focused.
I highly recommend Nathan and his web development team for any and all web work that you might need!

Michael GrippiEntrepreneur

Nathan's coaching was excellent; I have now learned basic and advanced SEO strategies and
Nathan's coaching is excellent; I have now learned basic and advanced SEO strategies and have in-depth knowledge about internet marketing. His expert-level SEO skills showed through everything he did, I am also thankful to him for his generous, kind and nurturing approach to teaching. I have decided I want Nathan to be my long-term SEO consultant for all my websites and if I have any business critical jobs or important corporate clients I will definitely hire Nathan to do the SEO for them.

Jonathan MasonGraphic Designer, The Design Source

Nathan is Great! a true professional and pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for your SEO and Marketing needs.

Michael SamperSolarNation

Nathan is an expert in SEO. I decided to keep him on my SEO specialist indefinitely. He is very knowledgeable, a great communicator, and consistent and efficient in his work. Exceeded my expectations.

Catherine Hebenstreit

He was a fantastic person to work with. Nathan Garnett is an experienced, precise, very good and insightful at Lead Generation, He understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. Deadline oriented co-worker that cannot be overestimated. Has a strong determination to fulfill his goals, while being honest to others. It's a pleasure working with him as he is an efficient expert.

Steven WescoatChannel Sales Director

Nathan is truly great to work with. Highly attentive to detail, and able to get right to the cause of the issue and provide real, tangible, results driven solutions! Will definitely be working with Nathan again.

Adam ErhartMarketing Consultant

When you consider hiring anyone to doing search engine optimization to your website, search engine optimization is worthless if it's not producing new revenue or getting you a return on your investment. Nathan specializes in spotting all the weak spots in hundreds of businesses and strengthening them to ensure that all parts are working together fluidly to ensure maximum revenue. Highly recommend!

Elmer TaboadaSquareFish Inc.

There aren't too many real SEO experts around these days who get results.
Nathan is a real SEO expert and can actually rank sites consistently with ease. I highly recommend him if you want more customers for your business.

Roland MillanerDirector, Web Design Maidstone

Nathan is an SEO guru! He knows what it takes to get your site in front of your customer and how to get them to convert after. He is patient and even taught me a few things about my online presence rather than leaving me in the dark. I feel like i have a really good understanding of my business and what it is capable of online. You want Nathan on your side!

Patrycja Gled

No other search engine optimization firm that can provide this for you, I have seen Nathan and his team helping companies to create the perfect sales angles online, craft the ultimate lead magnet and hone their main pitch, taking their business to page one of Google, generating traffic/revenue and turning these leads into repeat customers again and again. Contact him if you want these results.

Youse ZatariManaging Director

Nathan is highly knowledgeable in the field of internet business and online marketing and particularly in the realm of search engine optimization, where his skills are outstanding. I say this because I have seen websites that he has worked on go from literally 'nowhere to be found in the search engines' to the top of Google in a relatively short space of time, and Nathan makes sure they stay there long term. To whoever is reading this: This guy is a true diamond in the rough, and I cannot recommend his work highly enough.

Jody DeaneActor/Stage/Screen/Voiceover

Nathan's experience speaks for itself. Not only is he a consummate professional in the SEO field, but he supports a variety of humanitarian efforts. This is a true reflection of character, exactly the type of individual that will give 110% to everything he does. I highly encourage anyone who is considering online marketing to contact Nathan.

Chris CheekWordpress Web Developer I Social Media Consultant

Nathan is a Search Engine Optimization Expert. He knows exactly what Search Engines like to see on a website and helps multiple companies get the exposure they need. If you are still not ranking for your main keyword I high recommend you contact Nathan for a consultation.

Chris Walker

If your company website needs more clients or more revenue, I highly recommend Nathan Garnett and his company. They were a pleasure to work with.

Jonathan HowJH Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Nathan can help you if you're looking to increase the number of visitors and leads from your business' website. This is what he specializes in, and he'll make sure you always get a positive return on investment. A true expert when it comes to online marketing campaigns!

Jose PonceReal Estate I Business Online Expansion Consultant

I've worked with many different CEOs and business owners and I highly recommend Nathan's simple, efficient, yet brutally effective search engine marketing formula to transform your business. Give him a call and ask him how he can help you create the perfect sales angles online.

Josh WoodsHead Website Realtor, The Search Engine Professionals, LLC